How to Lose Weight Fast in 2019

All people want to be fit and healthy. In the modern age, however, looking and feeling good becomes a big challenge. Let’s find out which things prevent you from losing unwanted fat.

Check those nine pieces of advice on how to lose weight fast in 2019 to start changing your life:

How to lose weight fast 2019

1. Suppress your mind

My first advice would be to suppress your mind. Distract yourself. Drink water so that you feel a bit filled. It will take time and practice. In time, it will slowly turn into a habit and your body will get adapted to it. You will be able to control up to some extent, you can take it from there and go forward.

Extra tip: Try to avoid the things you will likely be eating in between the main meals(lunch/dinner). By extending this period you will be able to control your hunger appetite slowly. But always stay hydrated with water.

Before doing these things please consider the state of your health and act accordingly.

Also, address the issue of why you want to be fat. Maybe you are living in fear, and big mass is the way your body is trying to protect you from “harsh world”. Some people start to lose weight rapidly only after having counseling. Remember that.


2. See your doctor

A doctor’s appointment to check your weight and health. An underlying health condition or poor lifestyle choices are always at the root of weight gain. a doctor’s appointment can help you monitor your weight if you go regularly and figure out if anything needs treatment healthwise.

I had a thyroid problem for a long time and had terrible weight and appetite problems for years and possibly all my life as I had always struggled with weight. once I got the treatment I was fine and the weight and appetite just dropped. other than that lots of water and warm water with lemon juice is good. having low sugar alternatives to hand is also a good idea.


3. Fasting

Fasting is great in my opinion as it gives you control over what you ingestBy fasting, I mean completely abstaining from eating or drinking anything from dawn till sunset. But not every day, just a couple of times spread out in the week.

The effects of this are many. Your body gets a break from digestion, smoking, drinking, etc your stomach gets smaller and you feel great. Plus it helps you think clearer in my experience. And the day after fasting you tend to eat less.

It’s a good way to control and suppress your appetite with no chemicals or side effects. Yes, it seems to be the harder way but better in the long run.


4. Low carbohydrate diet

People on a low carbohydrate diet do not have issues with hunger feelings. Carbs (sugars and starches) raise your blood sugar and requires the production of insulin to bring the levels back to normal. When your blood sugar drops, 2 to 3 hours after a high carb meal, the hunger hormone, ghrelin, kicks in and you want to eat something to increase your blood sugar again.

Do you get sleepy in the afternoon, shortly after eating lunch? Carbs do that also.


5. Whole foods

One more good appetite suppressant I’ve found is a whole-food plant-based diet. Something I’ve gradually realized: A whole-food plant-based diet is really filling. I discovered that cooking more or less the usual amount of food, I just couldn’t eat so much: I was too full and not hungry. As a result, losing that last stubborn 20 pounds has been easy.

My current diet describes in some detail the approach I worked out, along with the reasons for my choices. Take a look at that and see what you think.


6. Certain foods make you crave sugar

Ever wonder why some foods don’t satiate you? It’s because you don’t really need that specific food at that specific moment. For example, try eating food with no protein after an intense bodybuilding workout. You will never feel satiated and you will stay hungry until you have your share of food that is high in protein.


7. Eat apples

Apples. I prefer Fuji apples because they’re sweet and crisp. At 90 calories each, they have a high glycemic index and will leave you feeling full for hours. Two do it for me. I’ve never seen anyone eat more than three and some just need one. Coffee works too but I find it not to last as long.


8. Taurine

Resorting to appetite suppressants is never advisable. They don’t let the body absorb nutrients properly and have other harmful effects.

Taurine is a naturally occurring protein in the human body that can be used as a supplement. As it is naturally produced in the human body, it does not have any side effects rather it has a variety of other health benefits.

Dietary taurine has a blood cholesterol-lowering effect in young overweight adults. Furthermore, bodyweight also decreases significantly with taurine supplementation.

Taurine plays a major role in the functioning of the liver so it in a way boosts the digestive system which helps keep everything in balance and shape. For dosage, one should consult a doctor.


9. 90% Diet pills don’t work

Personally, I’ve had this conversation with people who’ve tried various appetite suppressants, and nobody I know has had any success with appetite suppressants.

Some are dangerous: even if they are natural, they can still be toxic.

If you have trouble with cravings, try to have healthier options nearby. High fiber food can make you feel fuller, longer.

But a lot of craving has nothing to do with hunger: it’s about boredom, stress, comfort food, etc. You really have to learn a whole new attitude about food to get around that.

Diet pills can work a few different ways (all of which have side effects):

Reducing your appetite (this has severe neurological side effects, also most of these plainly don’t work), increasing your BMR (see calc), making you more energetic and thus move more (if it’s mild like caffeine it’s okay, if it’s strong like phentermine… obviously don’t take phentermine), binding fat so you can’t absorb it (some very mild versions of this with plant polymers are okay, the strong versions will have you shit your pants and cause micronutrient absorption issues), inhibiting alpha-glucosidase so the blood-sugar spike is softened (this isn’t guaranteed to make you eat less, but for some it doesn’t, however, fiber has the same effect so just eat fiber) or filling your stomach so you’re not hungry as soon again (if it’s fiber-based or some other plant polymer like konjac flour it’s often okay, but if you get into the kookier stuff it can cause impaction issues).

Good luck! Stay healthy!



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