Best Legal Steroids Alternatives in 2020 [Review]

best legal steroids alternatives that really work for men and women in 2019 2020 - natural steroids for sale usa legal steroids review

Are you looking for the best legal steroids that work for both beginners and pros? For young men and men over 50 years old?

100% safe and natural alternatives to steroids:

Natural Steroids: Description: Learn:
1. D-Bal (Dianabol) Bulking, muscle building Learn more
2. Trenorol (Trenbolon) Massive muscle gains Learn more
3. Decaduro (Deca-Durabolin) Extreme strength Learn more
4. Winsol (Stanozolol) Improves performance Learn more
5. Anadrole (Oxymetholone) Reduce recovery time Learn more
6. Anvarol (Oxandrolone) Promotes fast weight loss Learn more
7. Clenbutrol (Clenbuterol) Powerful fat burner Learn more
8. Bulking stack Mega muscle growth Bulking stack


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Legal Steroids Review

Crazy Bulk is a globally recognized manufacturer of legal steroids for men and women. Their key market is the USA since the US is the biggest gym supplement market in the World (15 billion dollars in 2018).

Their products are 100% safe and natural.

Since the launch 4 years ago they have served more than 300 thousand people Worldwide. They are actively sponsoring various men’s and women’s bodybuilding contests in the USA and overseas.

Guys from Crazybulk are real gym junkies. Every product they have made shines from the energy they put into it. They have a huge list of followers who are dedicated to the company’s passion and energy.

Worth to mention, Crazybulk products (100% legal and natural steroids) work great for both professional athletes and beginners. Their products are especially popular among beginners and guys after 40-45 years old who visit the gym for the first time (young guys in their 20s are super fans as well).


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Best Legal Steroids: Most Popular Products

natural steroids for sale usa for men women that really work 2020 2019

Most popular Crazybulk’s products are as follows:

1. D-Bal is the #1 bestseller. It is a muscle growth booster and a legal alternative to Dianabol.

Read more about D-Bal here

2. Trenorol is the #2 bestseller. Trenorol is an effective strength booster and a legal alternative to Trenbolone.

Read more about Trenorol here

3. Testo-Max is their #3 bestseller. Testo-max is an all-natural testosterone booster for men.

Read more about Testo-Max here


Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Can I buy these products on Amazon, Ebay, in Walmart, or GNC?

No, these products are exclusively available via the official Crazybulk’s website.

2. How safe are these products?

These products are 100% safe and natural. They cannot do harm to your health.

3. I am a woman. Can I take these supplements?

Yes, absolutely. You can take them without any hassle.



To get the best results from bodybuilding supplements you should combine (stack) them with each other.

See also: bodybuilding stacks


legal steroids

Healthy Alternatives to Steroids

Almost everyone wants to be stronger, faster, and more muscular – and the best way to do this is through diet and exercise. Some people, either unsatisfied with their results or wanting to take their workout to a higher level, use anabolic steroids.

In this guide, we’ll zoom in on the negative side effects of steroids and what some of the healthy natural alternatives are. This guide has been specifically designed for those that want to shed fat and get larger muscles but don’t want to wreck their body in the process.

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Steroids – What Are They?

Steroids, short for anabolic-androgenic steroids (AAS), is a type of synthetically designed testosterone that emulates the real deal. Like testosterone, it is known for promoting masculine secondary sexual characteristics, muscle growth, and general increases in strength. Developed back in the 1930s, steroids are used in medicine to treat numerous health problems.

Of course, most people know AAS as a performance-enhancing drug. With its use being found in just about any sport that involves strength, especially bodybuilding. Steroids are also known for a range of adverse effects, resulting in them being banned by almost every major body of sports.

Despite this strong association with sports use, most people who use steroids in the United States are not athletes. Most people who use steroids just want to increase their bulk and looks.

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Types of Steroids

Several types of steroids have been developed. Here is a list of some of the most popular ones:

  • Dianabol: One of the most popular illegal steroids right now because of its combination of convenient oral use and noticeable results. Going by the scientific name Methandienone, this drug is known for producing a large amount of muscle growth in a short period.
  • Anadrol: When it comes to steroids few can be considered stronger than Anadrol. Originally called Oxymetholone, this drug was designed to fight wasting diseases like anemia, HIV, and osteoporosis. This AAS produces extreme amounts of strength and muscle size.
  • Deca Durabolin: Often prescribed to women and children to combat certain disorders, this drug is considered less harsh but still potentially dangerous. Often called simply “Deca” this AAS increase muscle size and strengthens joints.
  • Testosterone: The unmodified original and still one of the more popular steroids on the market, testosterone is linked to traditional masculine secondary characteristics like muscles, deeper voice, and facial hair.
  • Trenbolone: A cattle steroid made back in the 1960s. This drug is known for being five times as potent as normal testosterone, making it one of the strongest steroids ever created. Because of this, it is extremely popular with bodybuilders.
  • Clenbuterol: Like most of the other forms of steroids, this drug was originally designed with a medical benefit in mind. Clenbuterol increases metabolism by raising respiration, blood pressure, and heart rate.

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AAS Side Effects

The side effects of steroids are well known and numerous but go more than just skin deep. The more powerful the steroid and the higher the dosage increase the chance you’ll develop some of these symptoms.

AAS increases the likelihood of baldness, can create exceptionally large breasts (sometimes colloquially referred as “manboobs”), along with causing all sorts of cystic acne over the skin.

Organs can get thrashed by all that faux-testosterone as well, with steroid use being linked to liver damage, cancer, thickening of the blood, and accumulation of cholesterol along the arteries.  Steroids can also lead to sexual dysfunctions. This concoction reduces sperm count, shrinks the testicles, and can make erections painful.

Addiction and Abuse from Steroids

There is nothing wrong with wanting to look good unless it is taken to the extreme. Steroids not only create a host of negative side effects but can also lead to addiction.

While the drug doesn’t produce the typical euphoria that other drugs do, people can develop a compulsion to it nonetheless.   A person with body dysmorphia or have substance abuse problems you are more at risk of developing steroid addiction.

Withdrawal from steroids is a real thing too and can even be worse than being on steroids themselves. The body, now not able to produce its testosterone, can cause you to have sexual dysfunction, manic mood swings, extreme weariness, insomnia, and depression.

A person in the clutches of AAS addiction are more likely to ignore responsibilities, have financial issues, and having persistent problems with family and friends.

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The Alternative – Legal Steroids

Needless to say, steroids are scary. The reason so many people do them is that no matter how much iron they pump or how lean their diet is they won’t see the results that they want.

Thankfully, if you’re the type of person who wants to take your workout regimen to the next level, improve your strength, and just generally feel better about yourself, you are in luck.

Several alternatives improve on the AAS formula by using natural ingredients over synthetic drugs that have a long list of problems. Also important is that they aren’t illegal, with many of them purchasable online or through your local supplement shop.

Steroid Alternatives

Just like steroids, there is a list of 100% legal and natural steroid alternatives. Many of the popular alternatives have been made with steroids in mind, often mimicking some of their subtypes.

  • D-Bal: The legal alternative to Dianabol, a powerful steroid. Using a combination of natural ingredients like leucine and whey protein to boost gains. Other natural ingredients increase nitrogen and testosterone levels in the blood. This allows for protein synthesis to occur more efficiently, giving your hungry muscles the ability to repair much faster. Unlike Dianabol, you won’t have to worry about things like erectile dysfunction either. (learn more)
  • Trenorol: One of the most important things your muscles need is oxygen, and Trenorol does this by raising the level of oxygen and nitrogen in your bloodstream. Like its steroid namesake trenbolone, these supplements melt off fat while also increasing the size of your muscles – but you don’t have to worry about increasing your chance of cancer or heart attack! (learn more)
  • Decaduro: Based on Deca-Durabolin, a fairly popular steroid, this supplement can increase users’ size and power. Unlike its AAS cousin, this supplement isn’t illegal or cause a range of health problems. Decaduro is the legal and natural version of this AAS, jacking up your gains by improving blood flow to your muscles and raising the oxygen in the blood. Giving you the ability to train harder and longer with less fatigue. (learn more)
  • Winsol: Sometimes it’s is not just the testosterone levels you need to worry about but how it is used. The natural alternative of Winstrol, this supplement increases the number of androgen receptors allowing your body to more efficiently use the hormones in your body. A combination of amino acids, vitamins, and other ingredients further push your energy levels upwards. (learn more)
  • Anadrole: Want all the advantages of Oxymetholone but want to keep your hair and sex drive? Anadrole uses both whey and soy protein, the former absorbed by the body quickly and the latter over time. The addition of Tribulus Terrestris to the concoction helps push your testosterone level higher, resulting in better protein absorption. (learn more)
  • Anvarol: Oxyandrolone steroid is a drug that produces more energy in users allowing them to stay motivated at the gym. Anvarol is the natural alternative to this and doesn’t have any of the nasty side effects. Using ingredients like Wild Yam Root and generous portions of BCAAs, this supplement reinvigorates the body to keep pushing for harder and longer. (learn more)
  • Clenbutrol: This supplement didn’t just drop the little “e” from the middle of the steroid Clenbuterol, but also all of the unsafe effects. Use a wide combination of natural ingredients this supplement increases your core body temperature and improves oxygen flow throughout the body to melt away the fat. (learn more)


How Do Steroid Alternatives Work?

Whereas steroids are derivatives of testosterone, steroid alternatives are made of a wide range of different herbs, vitamins, amino acids, and so forth. These ingredients mimic AAS by improving your body’s natural system rather than replacing it with a synthetic alternative.

The above supplements aren’t just one thing but a combination of many smaller parts. For instance, D-Bal uses a range of amino acids, the stuff protein is made out of, and other concentrated proteins to give your muscles a huge surge in repair potential.

This means when you hit the gym after taking D-Bal you can recover faster and push harder.  D-Bal isn’t the only supplement that blends multiple supplements for one great one. Anadrole is another legal steroid that uses Tribulus Terrestris to increase testosterone levels and L-Carnitine as an energy booster.

The rest of steroid alternatives follow a similar pattern – using a variety of supplements to give you the vigor and strength you desire. Because they are safe to use many of these alternatives can be used in conjunction with one another.


Click here to learn more about legal steroids alternatives


Bodybuilding Stacks

To get the most out of the above supplements you’ll need to stack them. This means combining two or more of them in a way that will get the results that you want.

You don’t have to worry about any health problems either as these combinations of supplements have been proven to be safe to use as long as you don’t have any outstanding health problems or pregnant.


1. Strength Stack

Is it the power you want and a lot of it? Any athlete that relies on raw muscle strength is going to want to take a specific set of supplements to maximize their potential.

When using these supplements in conjunction with a good weightlifting regime you’re bound to see explosive results. This is a result of providing your muscles more oxygen to push harder, while also spiking your BCAAs to help them heal between sets.

  • D-Bal
  • Anvarol
  • Trenorol

Click here to learn more about strength stack


2. Bulking Stack

Most people who get into lifting and other athletics do so not for the strength gains, but rather to look good. If it’s the size of the muscles that you’re worried about most than combining these supplements are the way to go.

D-Bal provides a consistent amount of protein and energy, while DecaDuro and Trenorol work in synergy to raise your blood oxygen levels. This combination of supplements supercharges your muscle gains, giving you remarkable results in a short amount of time.

  • D-Bal
  • DecaDuro
  • Trenorol

Click here to learn more about bulking stack


3. Fat Cutting Stack

Want to cut weight but not lose all that muscle you’ve gained? Then a fat cutting stack is what you’re gonna need. Increasing your metabolic rate while also keeping your protein retention high means you’ll radiate away those pounds, making you look leaner than ever before.

This is possible with the three supplements working off of one another – Anvarol raises your testosterone, Winsol helps absorb the testosterone better, while Winsol raises your core body temperature to burn off the fat. To see the best results combine this stack with a good workout schedule and a healthy diet.

  • Anvarol
  • Clenbutrol
  • Winsol

Click here to learn more about cutting stack


4. Ultimate Stack

You’re the type of person who wants it all – strength, size, and fat burning. If you want to look and feel the best you’ve ever been then you’re gonna want the ultimate stack. This string of supplements gives you the maximum in terms of results. Where other stacks are specifically designed with one thing in mind, these supplements make you lean, strong, and extra muscular all at once. These five supplements use a huge range of ingredients easily absorbed by your body, putting your gains, strength, and fat cutting at optimum efficiency.

  • D-Bal
  • DecaDuro
  • Anadrole
  • Trenorol
  • Clenbutrol

Steroids, while effective, are a nasty business that can ruin your body in almost countless ways. Alternatives to these substances have been developed in the past couple of decades and can give you many of the same advantages of anabolic steroids without any embarrassing side effects. Remember, you only have one body and don’t go and waste it by burning steroids through your system. Do your research and get the stack that is best for you.

Click here to learn more about ultimate stack



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Most Popular Posts from the Blog

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2. First Steroid Cycle – Best Steroids for Beginners

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15 comments on “Best Legal Steroids Alternatives in 2020 [Review]

  • guys plz help i need some legal steroids my single desire is to like what I see in the mirror.
    where do i begin???

  • Let me tell you about a simple strategy I used in college to make solid, consistent progress across all lifts. I call it the 8x4x2 Strategy, and it can be used for any movement but is best core compound lifts (bench, deadlift, squat, etc.).

    The 8 stands for “8 reps.” The 4 stands for “4 sets.” The 2 stands for “2 minutes rest.”

    The idea here is that you must be able to complete 8 reps, for 4 sets, with only 2 minute rest per set, in order to graduate to the next weight. When you do hit 8x4x2, you add a reasonable amount of weight (usually 5-10 pounds depending on the weight on the bar) and repeat the process. Usually it takes 2-3 training sessions to achieve 8x4x2 at this next weight.

    Example*: You hit 8, 8, 7, 5 for your 4 sets, you DO NOT move up in weight. Next training sessions you hit 8x8x8x8, you DO move up in weight.*

    Tip*: This is the front-end of your workout and should be followed by accessory movements that correspond to the same muscle group.*

    Note*: I chose 8 reps because its a nice balance between power and muscular endurance. You could certainly do 12x4x2 or 4x4x2, depending on your goals.*

    Note: If you add weight after completing the 8x4x2 and your next workout is 4, 3, 3, 1 (or something), you added too much weight.

  • mike the great says:

    Don’t get overwhelmed by all those “best legal steroids alternatives”. Most people quit trying because they are afraid they are doing it wrong and don’t see instant improvement.

    If you start going to the gym 3 days a week that is a huge improvement in your life. Get committed to it then worry about the details later.

    There isn’t really a magic diet so just eat a little better today than you did yesterday. The more you think about what you’re eating the more you the dial in your diet. It’s not necessarily about eating less, it’s eating better. (my two cents is eat eggs, meat, cheese, nuts, salad, cut carbs and sugar as much as possible, drink lots of coffee and water).

    You’ve already made a big improvement in your life by deciding to do this and an even bigger improvement by joining the gym. Keep building on this momentum and before you know it you’ll weigh less, be stronger, and feel a lot better.

    Good luck!

  • holdmetight says:

    Search for the YouTube channel, “Athlean X”. They cover the different exercises you can do in the gym or at home and no muscle group is left out. They also give dietary information about the proper nutrition to burn fat and build muscle mass. This is only a sliver of the useful info they put out relating to health and fitness. It’s definitely a resource you should utilise.

    Btw it’s definitely not one of those Scammy fitness dudes that lure you in with promises of quick results with their “legal steroids”. Only to find you have to pay fees for supplements or equipment in order to get the full result, but they have no evidence showing that they work.

    Fitness involves putting in the time and some serious effort. This channel will give it to you straight, no bullshit.

  • broccoli70 says:

    When you say you want to be able to like what you see in the mirror, what do you really mean? What’s your goal? What’s your current body type? When is the last time you’ve lifted/worked out and do you remember what your numbers were then?

    Understand that you have to know your body if you want to work out effectively. A lot of good stuff on here about not over complicating it and honestly that’s the key.

    For example: When I take a break from lifting due to life (usually about 2-3 month hiatus sometimes), and before I start lifting again, I look back at what I was lifting/running before to gauge where I should pick things back up. If you haven’t worked out in quite a few years, feel it out. Get in the gym and give it a test run to find a baseline which will allow you to set goals and build off of that. This is big psychologically as well as you’re able to track your progress (whether you keep a book or just mentally).

    Always remember that the quality of your reps are more important that how much weight you’re putting up. Correct form is huge as it works the proper muscle groups.

    Working out muscle groups together (chest/tris and back/bis) works for me and I learned what’s best for my routine over the years. Some people like to blast upper body in one day. Again, depends on your goal and how your body reacts.

    But keeping your workout routine simple, building the discipline of going to the gym, and eating right are extremely important. You also need to fully understand and agree with your “why”.

    I’m on mobile so I’ll end it here, but if you want any further clarification or have questions, please ask.

  • Bro. You got this man. Don’t over complicate it. Almost everyone does. It’s simple:

    Deal with the weight first. hold yourself to 1800 calories a day. Keep sugar and simple carbohydrates to a minimum. Revise the number if you need, but not by much.

    Get your heart pumping with cardio. The body will automatically expect to burn incoming calories when this becomes a habit.

    Do SOME lifting. But go easy until you take care of the weight to a good point.


    BEWARE OF THE WORKOUT MUMBO JUMBO. So much of it is at best partially true and many times entirely false.

    Always remember it IS simple. Eat less. Run/swim. And in 2-3 weeks. You will list close to 10 lbs at 1800 calories a day and exercise. No “top legal steroids” needed

  • my piece of advice to beginners:

    Save up for a few sessions with a personal trainer to show you round all the equipment.

    That should get you using everything properly. Pay them to do you a meal plan and write a workout routine down that suits you.

    From then on you’re good – it shouldn’t take more than 3-4 sessions. Save up for it.

    The trouble with books/ebooks/articles/youtube videos is – they’re great for people who have experience and assume you know how to use all the equipment and how to lift properly (usually). And if you don’t have anyone with you to correct your form, something can go badly wrong quickly – especially on the compound lifts.

    Save yourself the time (and the injuries) and get someone who knows your own personal gym inside out to show you the ropes. Just let them know you’re on a budget and just want to be shown the basics of how to bench/squat/deadlift correctly and request to be shown around all the equipment on your workout routine.

    Good luck.

  • jim's advice says:

    Eat a 500 calorie surplus (you’ll get a feel for it more is better IMO to start based on how much fat you gain) but a 500 calorie surplus will definitely be enough. Make sure to get enough protein. Enough healthy fats makes sure your endocrine system stays in check. The rest of the macros just pound carbs. Eat like 1-1.5gs of protein per lb of body weight. 60-100gs of fat. Then the rest carbs is about what I do for a bulk cycle.

    Training I like to define two big compound movements for the muscle groups I’m working and alternate a 5×5 and a 4×8.

    Chest (this is all for me if I have about an hour to accomplish something persist) the big exercises are Flat, incline, and flys.

    Back would be deadlifts, lat pulldowns, and rows of some type.

    Legs back squat, front squat. Accessories would be lunges, leg extensions, and leg curls.

    Working triceps you have a ton of variety. You want to research the 3 different heads of the tricep and learn how to hit each one. Close grip bench is a great one, weighted dips (or dips if you’re not strong enough PUT THE EGO AT THE DOOR), tricep pushdowns, skull crushers, extensions.

    Biceps. I like to do 3-4 different types of curls. Just research a bit. I like incline hammer curls and using an EZ Bar.

    Shoulder. Over head or military press, lateral raises. Shoulders get worked on basically everything but that doesn’t mean to neglect them. If you want to hit huge weights you’re gonna wish you worked shoulders more when you started

    Don’t overthink a lot of stuff just get in the gym and start pounding some movements. Focus on form not weights. Get it out of your head how strong you should be at the moment just try to be stronger a week from now. Try setting up a workout plan with a focus wether it’s a push pull legs. Upper/lower splits. Full body. You could easily look up a program to follow but remember to eat with the same intensity. It’s just as important

    I’d say the easiest thing to set up is a push pull legs circuit.

    Just remember big compound movements are your money makers. Don’t be the guy walking in to a gym thinking doing a bunch of bicep curls is gonna get you anywhere

  • Be together says:

    Most people don’t care about bodybuilders and bodybuilding unless it has some direct impact on their lives. No girl is going to tell you her body type preferences unless you ask her specifically, and even then she’d probably be nice about it. Girls on the internet are a different story.

    And mature adults are not going to tell you that certain exercises are bad or whatever. People go to the gym to work out and mind their own business, with very few exceptions.

    Maybe what you say is true if you’re in junior high or something, but then I’d tell you that everything people say in junior high is bullshit and not worth bringing up seriously here.

    All I can say is to just keep lifting and bodybuilding and stop worrying about what people think, because in the majority of cases they’re not thinking about you or your bodybuilding at all. And when they do say something, it has more to do with their own insecurity than real concern about you.

    You’re not a victim just because you lift weights. Get over yourself.

  • nothing else matters says:

    I highly recommend against taking advice from strangers on internet forums, or reading random websites. You’ll end up with 10 different people filling your head with 11 different pieces of advice, and this is a medical matter with risks: impotence, hair loss, infertility, legal trouble, etc.

    I recommend that you find a trainer who knows his stuff, and pay him to teach you. How do you find one? Ask around. Talk to the biggest guy at your gym. Talk to IFBB competitors on Instagram. Find a “guru” who can step you through this.

    Don’t listen to bodybuilders – they’re usually not smart. Don’t listen to dealers: they’ll just sell you whatever bunk they have in catalog and can’t get rid of.

    John Hollywood was a guy a lot of bodybuilders used – now I think he’s retired. John O’Reagan had a good reputation, but maybe he’s too busy now to take on new clients. I’ve been out of that world for a while, but there’s probably hundreds of people who can help you. Just put some hooks in the water and see what you find.

  • Jonny Motivation says:

    I haven’t read the other comments here, but I want to tell you to follow the path you want to and try your best to ignore anyone discouraging you from accomplishing what you want.

    Don’t do something just because you feel like it’s what others want or expect from you. Don’t try to be a skinny guy with abs just because that’s what girls said they want. Find the girl who wants YOU – don’t try to make yourself something that you’re not interested in being because you think it will improve your chances.

    Be yourself and do the things you love to do, and you will find people who are like-minded to date or be friends with. When your loved ones share your values, the relationships are so much more rewarding.

  • We’re full of muscle mag delusions. There’s always a catch, and the guy taking your money isn’t subject to it. You’re not close enough to your natural potential to need juice in any form. If you are, you won’t want it. Vanity is pathetic and lacks dignity or veneration. You getting big will get you the attention of queer men and drooling fan boys. Chicks will still think you’re small. Especially when you go off and appear bitch-made by comparison. If you’re going to juice, pony up the cash and the time learning to do it the most effective way. Don’t ever f**k around with gimmicks anywhere, unless you’re running the gimmick on exploitable rubes.

  • Creatine. Best overall supplement. Take it always unless you’re right on competition time and need to lose that last tiny bit of water weight.

    Protein powder. Mainly a convenience thing.

    Caffeine. Coffee is my favorite way to get it, I just like the taste. I don’t see any problem with caffeine tablets etc.

    Motivational videos on youtube. They have been shown to improve performance.

    Music while I lift. Same reason as above.


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