The Best Vegan Protein Powder for Bodybuilding in 2019 (Best Whey Protein Isolate Too)

Last updated: January 26, 2019 By: Alex Waylove

Today, there is a bunch of great plant-based vegan protein brands (such as Gold Standard, Optimum Nutrition, Body Fortress) on the market. They are all good, however, I would like to review the product that looks even better.

5 star top rating rated review batle ready fuel whey protein for vegans 2019

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Best Vegan Protein Powder: Battle Ready Fuel Pea and Hemp

BRF has thought about you, therefore they have created a 100% natural pea and hemp protein that can be a great muscle building supplement for both, vegans and vegetarians (non-vegans and non-vegetarians also like it a lot).

for vegans vegetarians 2019

5 star top rating rated review batle ready fuel whey protein for vegans 2019

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Taking 30 grams of the powder per intake, vegans and vegetarians get full 25 grams of pure protein. This product has a wonderful peanut butter flavor.

Pea and hemp are digested a bit slower than whey, however, you can still use it before (40-50 minutes) and after workouts.

Note that muscle loss becomes a real problem with age. This is why this product is especially great for those men and women who are over 50 years old. If you want to look great in your age, consider taking Vegan protein supplement too.


best whey protein isolate powder shake muscle gain workout supplements for men women best tasting for weight loss vegans vegetarians 2019 that really works fast

Best Whey Protein Isolate: Battle Ready Fuel

Battle Ready Fuel (BRF) is a brand new supplement for muscle growth that appeared on the market literally yesterday.

It is made by ex-SAS (Special forces based in the United Kingdom) members and was tested by the military. Now, it is available to athletes and bodybuilders all around the world.

The all-natural BRF Whey Protein Powder is their flagship product that has shown to work great for both men and women who are dedicated to their ultimate gold: building muscles.


Top muscle gain supplement with the best taste

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BRF formula contains a high quality 90% whey protein isolate derived from milk within the process of cold microfiltration (no salts and heat used) that keeps the product pure and healthy while removing unwanted carbohydrates and fats out there.

Therefore, BRF is super low in lactose (sugar) and fats.

There you find only pure whey with a whopping 90% protein content within the supplement, so you get approximately 29 g of aminos per serving.

If you feel that you need extra carbs after a workout, you can drink your whey protein shake along with orange juice instead of water.

The supplement is made from 100% organic milk produced by healthy grass-fed cows that have been grazed on the beautiful green fields of Northern Ireland without GMOs and hormones.

Additionally, BRF powder has a wonderful triple chocolate taste – one of the best tasting whey proteins on the market. In the nearest future, these guys plan to introduce other great tastes.

The product comes in two tubes of 450 g each.

Their supplement works great, however, there is one little thing that you should remember:

Don’t forget about your workouts. Supplements won’t do the whole work for you.

Therefore, prepare to work hard, as real SAS soldiers do.

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Is It Suitable for Vegans or Vegetarians?

This is a dairy product, therefore it is not suitable for vegans, however, it is good for vegetarians.

Nevertheless, BRF have an alternative supplement, made specially for vegans.


Best for Weight loss and Keto

Some smart men and women use amino acids for not only building muscles but also for weight loss since amino acids act as hunger suppressants.

Additionally, they are great for those who are on a ketogenic diet.

Ketogenic diet wants you to cut carbohydrates significantly. BRF s low in carbs and sugars, therefore, it suits great for guys and girls on keto.

For faster weight loss results, I recommend HIIT workouts (learn on reddit).


Ultimate Source of BCAAs

Amino acids are the building material for your muscles. There are three amino acids that are called branched-chain amino acids (BCAA). These aminos are necessary for the production of almost half (46%) of new protein sequences within the body.

Today, ‘BCAA’ is a widely marketed term. Yes, it is indeed important for muscle building. However, sometimes their importance can be overestimated.

Learn more: best BCAA

Anyway, if you are still worried about them, there is some good news. The BRF product contains 4g of leucine (this is the most importance amino acid among BCAAs), therefore you don’t have to pay extra $30-50 to get a separate bottle of the BCAA supplement.

BRF is an all-in-one muscle building supplement for you.

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The Bundle

You have now learned about Battle Ready Fuel’s basic product.

However, if you want to make the story even greater and are ready to spend an obscene amount of money on your body, BRF does have something interesting for you:

The Ultimate Build Muscle and Mass Bundle

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The mega muscle gain bundle, that is enjoyed by both, men and women, contains all you need to make your body look like a sculpture:

  1. Whey protein isolate itself (alternatively, you can choose the vegan version.)
  2. Creatine monohydrate. This is truly one of the most effective supplements for athletes in history, according to most researches. It is basically a substance containing nitrogen and is similar to proteins. Creatine helps improve endurance and speed up recovery. And it is naturally produced by the body.
  3. BCAA supplement.
  4. Pre-workout that is an ultimate combination of natural ingredients that are useful for human health, such as Vitamin C, Zinc, Thiamine, etc.
  5. Fish oil to supply you with Omega-3.
  6. Multivitamins.


Do I really need to drink shakes? And when?

Yes, you do, if you want to get more strength and energy before your workout and to repair muscles right after.

Whether you are a talented, well-performing athlete, or just a beginner who has bought his gym membership for the first time in life, you, without doubt, need one thing: a good source of protein.

Pure whey protein isolate (isolate means it is highly concentrated, and unnecessary carbohydrates and fats have been removed) powder is the supplement of choice among 99% of both, young and experienced bodybuilders, and it serves certain purposes:

  1. It helps muscles recover faster because it transports essential amino acids to the muscle tissues that need to be fixed after hard work.
  2. It works great for fat loss (especially, on a ketogenic diet) by creating a feeling of satiety after the workout so you don’t have to fall for foods high in sugar, therefore it serves as an appetite suppressant.
  3. Additionally, aminos assist in breaking down of lipids (fats) making the process of weight loss even more effective and faster.

  4. It works both as a pre-workout supplement that improves strength and endurance during workouts, and post-workout supplement that restores muscle tissues. Therefore you can take that supplement before and after your workouts.
  5. It gets digested very quickly (within minutes) thus preventing catabolism more effectively compared to casein or soy that are digested very slowly.

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How to take it?

Put 30 g of the product (two scoops) in your shaker, fill with 300 g of water, and it is done.

Can i buy these products in Walmart, Gnc, CVS or purchase on eBay/Amazon?

No, these products are only available via the official BRF store.

Good luck!

I wish you to look and feel like a real superhero!