Best Workout Headphones in 2019

top workout headphones wireless 2019

Article about Bluetooth wireless workout headphones 2019 for running, gym, swimming, for bodybuilding. Most workout headphones and earbuds are wireless and waterproof so that they don’t break during training.

  1. For running
  2. For swimming
  3. For gym and working out
  4. for men and women

The wireless connection makes sound very quality.
Also, they have special cords so you can wear your headphones on your neck and don’t lose them because compared to airpods by apple people often claim that they have lost their earbuds so much.

Article by forbes:


The best workout headphones in 2019 for men and women. Top wireless headphones for running.

Best by price, by design, by brand.

Hello guys,

can you help me find the best workout headphones in 2019 (wireless i suppose)?


upd1. there is a little fight between Airpoders and non-Airpoders LOL. But the question is still open…

upd2. another fight: is it worth spending $200 on gym headphones or not? i don’t know yet.

upd3. I tried to categorize all answers. Enjoy

*** means a single comment

upd4. Looks like, top workouts headphones are as follows, according to reddit:

  • Bose,
  • Airpods,
  • Powerbeats,
  • Jaybird,
  • Plantronics,
  • Aftershokz,
  • Sony,
  • Jabra,
  • Sennheiser,
  • Samsung Galaxy Buds

upd5. See the Worth-it vs Not-Worth-it section. You gonna like it 😉


Bose comments:

*** I use the bose soundsport, there great

*** Loved the Bose soundsport in the beginning, but I don’t think they hold up for long. Mine gave out after just a year and I was not particularly hard on them. They kind of fell apart. The volume would max out at about 10% on the right side. Plus the casing around the ear plugs came undone so it held together but I could see the inside of the ear bud. Again I loved them initially and for the first 8 months or so…they just didn’t hold up for me

*** You know they would have replaced them? I’ve had mine replaced. Bose is a great company.

*** Indeed the best. I tried switching to AirPods and I hated them compared to the Bose.

*** Had the opposite experience – switched from Bose to AirPods and much prefer them.

*** Little bit expensive, but Bose sells some of the best headphones I’ve had the pleasure of wearing, OP. Definitely worth the investment. I used to like the Apple headphones, but the quality is a far cry from Bose.

*** I took them into a Bose store and they offered me a $50 credit towards a new pair of the exact same ones. I usually am a huge fan of Bose, the Quietcomfort 35 II are my favorites but I was just not impressed with the quality of the soundsport.

*** I own a pair of: AirPods, JayBird X3, Beats Solo3 and Bose Soundsport (in ear). One thing I could tell you is AirPods are not for the gym, maybe for running, the isolation from noise is almost non-existent. I never use my Beats to workout because the sweat could damage the ear cushion. In conclusion: you can safely go with JayBird or Bosé.

*** JayBird X4 has an IPX7 water resistant resistant rating, according to a quick google search. From Bose I think they are only sweat resistant. I would go with the Jaybirds, looks great and sounds nice (you could download the app where you can personalize the equalizer)

*** Bose Soundsport are awesome. I might be a little biased as I think the AirPods look douchey and the sound quality is basically the same as the wired headphones so what’s the point?

*** Bose sound sport free is great!

*** AirPods are not water tight. The “Bose Soundlink” are great/comfortable in the ear. Bose has undeniable quality and amazing sound. If you work out you sweat and you will need indestructible headphones. The AirPods are stylish and I like to use them when not working out. They are around $150. The quality pays off. cheaper headphones will break easier. Man sweat is really a headphone killer. In the long run you are better of with some quality products.

*** I love my bose sport sound earbuds. I bought the Samsung galaxy earbuds but they get loose after I start sweating.

*** My 0.02$..

The Galaxy Buds are nice allround. Good sound, great fit, lasts pretty long on a charge, can control parameters through Galaxy Wear App. Good price.. My go to…

The Bose Soundsport Free sound really good. The app is not as good though. Battery doesnt seem to last as long. I dont like the fit. Its ok but they kinda feel like they are going to fall out. Different tips from amazon did help.

I really want the new Sony WF-1000’s…

*** I tried the Bose Soundsport for two weeks. The sound was wonderful and they stayed securely in place, but it you have hair past your jaw and wear anything but the tightest bun/ponytail their design is very annoying. I switched to AirPods because the lower sound quality was less obnoxious than the hair-catching shape of the Soundsport. But if you have short hair? Get the Bose!

*** You can always let the cord hang under your chin instead of behind your neck.

*** I should’ve clarified that I tried the SpoundSport Free, so no cord. The pod thing that holds the speaker sits away from the ear, creating a large gap between the ear and the earbud’s body. If I wore my hair in a loose pony or braid (or god forbid, down) hair was constantly getting caught between my ear and the SoundSport. Ok for a short workout with hair in a tight bun, but very annoying for any amount of extended or non-workout use. Just an FYI for anyone with longer hair reading this thread.

*** I’m on my second set of Bose SoundSports (first set was a previous generation). Love them.


Airpods comments:

*** I’ve tried the apple airpods, but they didn’t fit me very well and kept falling out (especially when running); my workouts used to go very long and they would die towards the end (not the worst thing in the world but can be an issue or going for a long bike ride/run).

If you use Apple products and went something that will easily switch between Apple devices, airpods are the way to go. But the to other alternatives I mentioned provide superb sound quality, build, and fit and may be worth checking out.

*** I use Apple AirPods. They work great

*** Apple Airpods with a strap! They stay fit and snug and you hear more music, less outside world.

*** The first time I saw those on someone, I thought they had stuffed a broken cigarette in their ear. Lol

*** Same. Fantastic.

*** I third this

*** Fourth

*** I see all these people recommending AirPods but idk how, I ruined mine from sweat pretty fast

*** I think it’s all a matter of personal preference. For myself I love my AirPods

*** I looooooove my AirPods!

*** Love airpods, great investment

Powerbeats Pro

Powerbeats Pro comments:

*** $250

*** Worth it

*** Not worth it.

*** He’s right, if you sweat a lot they get ruined and will auto shut off on you thinking their under water

*** They’re waterproof :)! At least for me the sweat doesn’t hinder it. I also regularly clean them so idk if that has anything to do with it

*** Powerbeats 3. $90 on Amazon. They fit around my ears so they don’t fall out or get all weird when I’m running. Great sound too!

*** In the same category, the beatsX. You can regularly find them online for about 50$. If you have an iPhone no doubt you should be getting one of these two headphones. Zero latency when watching videos due to the W1 chip. Anything else will have noticeable latency when watching videos. AirPods just do not compete in terms of sound.

*** Powerbeats pro and it’s not even close, I cannot believe the lack of representation in this thread.

Everyone defending another product about not falling out, you literally cannot get powerbeats to fall off your ears if you tried. Bench press or Bungie jump it just doesn’t happen.

Truly wireless no cords. Actual rubber eartip unlike airpods so there’s noise cancellation in the gym with bass punch you can feel. In line controls on BOTH of the earbuds. 9 hours of listening time compared to airpods 5, extended to over a full day with the charging case. Four sizes of rubber tips to fit any size ear. Sweat and water resistant. Has a compact fit around your head due the shape having the hook around your ear, rather than looking like a shiny hearing aid (looking at you bose and Jabra). Comes in multiple colors with absolutely incredible sound

Hands down the best money can buy for anything fitness related. Spent 4x more on these than any pair I’ve ever owned and only regret not buying them months sooner.

*** I fished out the money for Powerbeats pros and omg, they’re the best things ever. Super great sound, super good sound isolation. When you pull them out, they automatically pause the music and when you put them back in, they auto play it. Totally worth it, and I’m a huge penny pincher.

*** Powerbeats pro. I sweat a lot – two personal trainers have commented on how sweaty I get just doing strength training.

Jaybirds would last a few months and then die. I killed 3 pairs of Powerbeats in 6 months – Apple’s only explanation was sweat. I also killed a pair of Sony’s too. All were supposedly sweatproof.

I’ve had the Powerbeats Pros for about 2 months and they seem to be doing well sweat wise. I love the sound quality, they stay put, and I like the fact that they are always charged. I hated it when my other Bluetooth headphones would be dead or die at gym.

The charging case is not at all water resistant so I have an elaborate set of pouches to store the earbuds in transit from gym to home. I towel them off before leaving the gym and again when I get home before putting them in their case.

I’m pleasantly surprised but how much I like them.


Jaybird comments:

*** Jay bird X4’s wireless in-ear and super comfy.

I have the x3’s and love them and one of my friends still has x2’s that work great still years later. The 3’s and 4’s have access to an app that lets you use preset “tuning” or even gives you the ability to make your own adjustments.

Price is fairly average but in my opinion they are well worth it.

Edit: bluetooth in ear…. they technically are not wireless because they have a wire between the two buds.

*** Jaybird has shitty customer service. My $150 x3 stopped working in 1 ear after 2 years and I couldn’t get them to respond to my email, or phone calls. The wires will fray at the connection to the earpiece and there are multiple reports of this happening.

Ended up buying some generic wireless in-ear brand on Amazon for $40 and they’ve been great so far. You can control the music via the earpieces themselves and it has good sound isolation and decent bass. At least if these break in a couple years I won’t be pissed I spent $$$.

*** Weird I have not had those issues with my x3’s

My customer service experience was fairly average when I had to deal with it but it was a minor thing.

The only issue I experienced with them is for some reason my foam buds slowly broke down over time from something in my case. I am assuming just the wear and tear but yea.

*** I have never tried air pods personally but I am a big fan of the fact that jay birds have memory foam buds so they create a pretty decent soundproofing seal and I have really enjoyed the sound output.


Plantronics comments:

*** Plantronics BackBeat FIT – works great for me for both regular workout now and I have used them for running long distances in the past (you can hear music and also surroundings on trail just in case if a bicycle is passing). My first one was very good for whole year until my dog chewed them one day hahaha. Now my second one I leave them in car and take out only when I go out to workout.

*** I use Plantronics Backbeat Fit. They cost around $50 (I bought them at Costco) and I much prefer them to the Powerbeats 3 wireless that I used to use (they didn’t stay in my ears well, felt cheap, and didn’t last long).

*** If you sweat a lot: plantronics backbeat fit

*** I’ve ruined every single pair of headphones while working out from sweating, including AirPods and Powerbeats(the newest ones even that say their sweat proof) I’ve been using plantronic brand wireless earphones They have a rechargeable case that you put them in when not using and will auto connect when you pull them out to your phone.

I’m not affiliated with the company at all, but these are actually better than AirPods and Powerbeats for working out, no water/sweat damage at all so far with them and I’ve had them for about 9 months

Aftershokz Aeropex/Trekz Air

Aftershokz comments:

*** Aftershokz Aeropex/Trekz Air bone conduction headphones for running outdoors – gives a better than you’d think sound quality while keeping you aware of surroundings.

Also very comfortable, I barely take mine off.

*** This is the single best option for running or cycling.Highly recommended

*** The reason it’s so good for running and cycling is because you can still hear everything around you.The way they work makes it sound like there are speakers around you.

It wouldn’t be As valuable to HIIT but they still are insanely comfortable (at least for me) and are kind of unique.

I recommend jbl endurance dive headphones as well, slightly cheaper but they are fully waterproof and have onboard library so you can use them while swimming which has been a HUGE plus for me.

If you can afford to, i’d go for the bose sports earbuds in your place

*** I second this!

These headphones sit in front of your ear, and not in or on your ears. They work by conducting the sound into the bones of your skull which allows your ears to hear what’s going on around you. My only complaint is that sometimes it’s not loud enough if it’s really noisy. However, sound quality is really good and their customer service is fantastic.


*** I’m currently using the Sony Wf-1000xm3 (the earbud version of their flagship headphones. Fantastic build, sound quality, and active noise cancellation. Fit is pretty good, and they come with several different buds for you to get the best seal.

I think they’re marketed at 229.99$

*** they dont have an IP rating, so probably not even splash proof.

*** Nice I’ve got the WF-SP700N. They’re really solid on these names. Anyway this one is $100 less and the sound quality is still better than Airpods and they have a rubber piece that holds them in your ears.

*** Sony WF1000XM3. The noise cancelling is incredibly useful at the gym as it cuts out the gym’s music, also they have great sound quality and battery life. Look up some reviews!


*** My Jabra 65t’s are the only thing that stays in properly on the bench and don’t get in the way like my old jaybirds

*** Agreed. I love my Jabra earbuds. They stay in place, have great sound, and feel like they’re not there the whole time. The hearthrough feature is also helpful.

*** Anyone have a problem with them cutting in and out? Only happens at the gym for some reason

*** Yeah I have the elite 65t and sometimes get static noise when moving around the gym. Probably due to wireless signal interference I guess.

*** Same ! For me it happens when I’m crouching or in the push up position .

*** I also tried out the Jabra Elites, fantastic sound quality, comfort, and they always stayed in place. Battery life was fantastic as well at 15+ hrs.

*** I’ve owned both airpods and jabra 65t. Both were fine but I like the Jabra better because of the noise cancelling part. Some people dont like hearing themselves swallow though.

*** Jabras , noise cancellation and they stay fit . I lift , run , box and kickbox with them and they have not fallen out of my ear . They do get a little interference here and there if you don’t mind . I got mine for less then $150

*** Another for the 65s. They stay in super well, and I’ve drowned headphones in the past while running but these have been going strong.

*** Lol same here. Only ones that stay in as well for longer runs.


*** I bought the Sennheiser HD 4.40BT as Sennheiser are a highly respected audio company and I wanted quality audio, I’ve recently started using them at the gym and haven’t had any issues, ear cups become sweaty but are easily wiped clean. Doesn’t seem to get too hot.

*** Look for shure or sennhsheimer or akg. Go for sound quality vs propaganda. You will pay less for more.

Bose, beats are just average quality for 3x the price.

Personally i have of course the shure. I bought shure in earphone se 325 a few years ago then upgraded to the 535 ( big investment) but it’s been about 4 years and no matter how many times i try to listen to a new earphone, i come back to my shures.

*** sennheiser i can’t spell

Samsung Galaxy Buds

*** If you’re concerned with sound quality, here’s a 8 wireless iem shootout review by crinacle, one of the most knowledgeable iem reviewers online:

Sony WF-1000XM3 >= Samsung Galaxy Buds >= Jabra Elite Active 65t > Audio Technica ATH-SPORT7TW > AVIOT TE-D01 > Sennheiser Momentum True Wireless > Master & Dynamic MW07 > B&O Beoplay E8

*** I use Galaxy Buds because I got them for free with my S10 (was a rebate for preordering). I’m glad I got them because they are pretty nice. Sound quality isn’t insane but it’s not bad. Range is good on them. I mainly like that I can have them in and not have any cables. Even the cables on traditional bluetooth (where the two buds are connected) headphones tends to bother me. I actually never even used headphones prior to the Galaxy Buds because I never found anything that was comfortable enough and not distracting.

*** Crinacle actually gave it a B rating, which is very high praise. The second cheapest wired iem with a B rating from him is $200. I wonder how differently he heard vs your experience

*** I’m not the person you’re responding to but I’ve gone through countless >$400 audiophile over-ear headphones throughout the years so I’ve got a decent idea of what I think sounds good or doesn’t. Obviously it’s all personal taste. Anyway, I got the galaxy buds through the deal too, lost mine at the gym, and liked them enough to pay for my current pair. I don’t shill on things but I used to buy cheap buds for the gym because I knew nothing would compare to speakers or nice over-ears. Regardless, these things won’t fall out for shit and sound great for in-ears, in my opinion.

Worth it vs Not Worth It

*** I use a pair of bluetooth $30 Anker Soundbuds that stay in my ear snuggly and sound pretty good.

lol @ these people suggesting $200+ earbuds ‘for the gym’.

*** If you are just looking to use them at the gym, $200 for earbuds is pointless.

*** Depends how much money people spend on their exercise. If it’s a better experience and someone can afford it, not sure how it can be pointless.

*** “what are the best gym earphones?” lol @ people who apparently can’t read nor afford something more than $30

*** I can afford something better, but I’m not going to use them at the gym where they are getting sweat on them, stuffed in the pockets of my shorts, and potentially lost.

Just like how I’m not going to wear a $65 t-shirt to work out in, or wear $200 sneakers.

*** I mean any of “the best workout earbuds” are designed to be sweat in and if they’re anything worth buying at that price they almost always come with a charging case…so if you can keep track of your phone or wallet they wouldn’t be any more of a problem.

If you don’t wanna buy high quality buds that’s fine but don’t shit on them for no reason

*** I hear ya. My favorite workout shirts are $5 t-shirts with the sleeves cut off halfway down the torso.

*** What makes them “the best”? The name on them?

Way to fall for shitty marketing.

*** Sound quality + gym usability (bluetooth connectivity, moisture, comfort, band tightness etc) are the criteria for ‘best’ – though a healthy amount is also personal preference.

I have quite a few pairs in my house. The cost ranges from $5 to $800.

The audio quality varies widely. There is certainly some shitty marketing with some brands being overvalued.

In some cases you really get incredible value for the amount you spend. The wired pair I am using this moment are $150 Audio Technicas that have lasted years, sound perfect, taken punishment and are comfortable.

I cant use them in the gym though.

To be honest I cant find an ideal gym pair. I have cauliflower ear so all buds or IEMS don’t work.

*** keep using your dollar store buds man the rest of us know whats good lmao

*** Cheapo over the ear headphones (mpow h7 is what I have now) are the best imo. Stay on the best, reasonably loud and block out other noise, and cheap enough you don’t get upset if they break or get stolen. I can’t imagine bringing or wearing anything expensive to the gym.

*** Thanks. That’s just what I’m looking for, for similar reasons. I have the same attitude with sunglasses. lol

*** Nothing beats iron smacking, heavy breathing, and grunting sounds. $0

Never heard + Nonames

Audio Technica

*** Ive been rocking Audio Technica for over 5 years easy. Still use the same headset to this day and still sounds great! Never seen anybody else wearing a pair. But can attest sounds great and durable and about the same or little less than beats. With way better sound results unless you just love that bass.

They are labeled as studio headphones. I’ve seen many famous artist wear them in studio. They have different models. Very much worth researching these bad boys.

Skullcandy Crushers

*** I’m late to the game but I’m absolutely loving Skullcandy Crushers so far. Over the head wireless phones. Stays on pretty well too


*** Loving my new Raycon wireless earbuds. They don’t shift when working out and sweaty, and the sound is crystal clear.


*** Ive been using a pair of LETSCOM headphones I picked up from Amazon a couple of weeks ago. I can’t speak for longevity. They hold a charge log ebough for me to get several work outs in, sound quality is good and it cancels out the gym stereo. For 20 bucks they are perfect for me. I personally can’t justify dropping mad money on headphones, but I’m also not an audiophile. Cheap headphones sound fine to me.


*** I use RHA Trueconnect and the fact they come with a pack of earbuds to fit for the moment is great. Also they sound good and have a case that comes with three full charges. I’ve only had some issues with getting them to connect, but nothing serious. Plus I have zero connection issues once they are connected.


Wireless Shure in ear headphones! Shure is a trusted brand in the music industry and they cancel out a lot of noise. I used them on my 8 hour flight last night and, even though I could still hear a screaming child, it was sitting only two seats over. I highly recommend these.


I use the BTS Pros. They’re like $80 on Amazon and sound better then every other headphones I’ve tried and being a former employee of Best Buy I’ve tried all of them


A good value pick: The JBL T450 Bluetooth headphones only like 30$ and great for running as they don’t fall off

Super Cheap Headphones/Nonames

*** MPow flame. Used them for years, a 10th of the price of airpods, good controls on the earpiece, super durable, gallons of sweat had no effect on them. They will never fall off your ears, comfortable and good sound, seamless bluetooth.

*** If you’re new to wireless ear buds and want to give them a shot before spending > $50, there’s some T1 Pros or something like that for $30 on Amazon that I really do love. I got them as a trial set in February and ended up just using them instead of buying a more expensive pair, they’re comfy and a great value

*** Of you want a cheap option. I bought a pair of VAVA MOOV 28. they have been absolutely great.

*** Thanks for posting. I was going to post the same question. I’ve got some $30 headphones but they tend to slip off when I lean forward, plus they don’t have much base.